PS3/4 Dual Vibration Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller - Available in 10 Colors

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Product Description:

This controller is designed with ergonomic grips that provide optimal comfort and a secure hold during extended gaming sessions. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

The controller features dual analog sticks that offer precise and responsive control, allowing for smooth and accurate movement in-game. This enhances your gameplay and enables precise navigation and targeting.

The motion sensing technology in this controller allows for intuitive and natural control. By simply moving the controller, you can control your gameplay with ease and precision, adding a new level of immersion to your gaming experience.

The controller's immersive vibration feedback adds a tactile dimension to your gameplay. Feel the impact of every action as the controller rumbles in response to in-game events, enhancing the overall gaming experience and making it more engaging and realistic.

Product Specification:

Material: ABS

Color: Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Red, Orange, White, Camouflage Green, Camouflage Blue, Rose Gold

Suitable for: PS3, PS4

For PS3 Size: 15 x 10 x 5 cm

For PS4 Size: 17 x 15 x 7 cm

For PS3 Weight: 200g

For PS4 Weight: 260g

Function: Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

Package Inclusion:

1 x Game Controller

PS3/4 Dual Vibration Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller - Available in 10 Colors
PS3-Blue - $24.99
  • PS3-Blue - $24.99
  • PS3-Black - $24.99
  • PS3-Camouflage - $26.99
  • PS3-Purple - $24.99
  • PS3-Red - $24.99
  • PS4-Blue camouflage - Sold out
  • PS4-Blue - $35.99
  • PS4-Black - $33.99
  • PS4-Green camouflage - $35.99
  • PS4-Rose Gold - $33.99
  • PS4-Orange - $33.99
  • PS4-Red - $33.99
  • PS4-White - $33.99
  • PS3-White - $22.99

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