GREENHAVEN Bird Bath with Trellis for Climbing Plants

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Elevate your garden into a mesmerizing bird paradise with the GREENHAVEN Bird Bath featuring a Trellis for Climbing Plants. This colorful pergola is designed to attract avian visitors while adding an elegant and enchanting touch to your outdoor space.

Product Description:

Charming Butterfly/Bird Design: This flower pergola's charming butterfly design acts as a magnetic attraction for birds, turning your garden into a haven for avian friends. Enjoy the delightful presence of wild birds as they rest, rejuvenate, and create a serene atmosphere in your garden.

Versatile Bird Bath and Feeder: Set up the pergola in your yard or garden, fill the bowl with pebbles and water, and witness birds flocking to your garden. By adding birdseed, it transforms into a functional bird feeder, offering nourishment to migrating birds and local wildlife.

Trellis for Climbing Plants: Crafted from high-quality metal, this flower pergola provides an ideal environment for climbing plants such as clematis, jasmine, and morning glories. As these plants flourish, they add colorful foliage that complements the lush growth of climbing vines, enhancing the overall beauty of your garden.

Effortless Assembly: Setting up your bird bath and trellis is a breeze with no additional tools required. Choose the perfect spot in your garden, and this charming garden decoration effortlessly blends into your outdoor space.

Product Specification:

Color: Colorful

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 38 x 18.5 x 102 cm

Weight: 1 kg

Package Contents:

1 x GREENHAVEN Bird Bath with Trellis for Climbing Plants

1 x User Manual

GREENHAVEN Bird Bath with Trellis for Climbing Plants
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