Manually Operated Yarn Winding Machine with Plastic Rod

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Product Description:

This ball winder lets you turn your unruly yarns and threads into compact cakes that hold up well while you knit and crochet.

This yarn winder is lightweight and you can use or remove it easily and effortlessly. This manual wire winder emits little noise, so you don't have to worry about causing trouble for your family and neighbors.

This device is ideal for winding up loose yarn into pristine, well-groomed balls by simply turning the crank, which can organize your knitting and crochet supplies easily. Easy to operate, and you can make a well-preserved ball in several minutes, saving you a lot of time.


Product Specification:

Color: Red and Beige

Material: ABS

Size: 22cm*8.5cm*22cm

Weight: 380g

Function: Winding Machine


Package Inclusion:

1 x Winder

1 x Plastic Shaft

Manually Operated Yarn Winding Machine with Plastic Rod
1 pcs - $30.99
  • 1 pcs - $30.99

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