PETSWOL Four Seasons Pet Sofa Breathable Pet Bed Sofa

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Product Description:

Provide unparalleled comfort and security to your dog with the PETSWOL Four Seasons Pet Sofa Bed. Our unique curved design and soft suede fabric create a cozy and inviting space for your pet to relax and rest.

The bed allows your dog to lie down, stretch, sleep on its side, and nap on its back, thanks to its slightly larger pad that ensures a comfortable fit without feeling tight. The thickened memory foam evenly distributes your pet's weight, relieving stress on its joints and bones, promoting better sleep and overall well-being.

For easy maintenance and hygiene, the removable cotton pad can be easily washed. The non-slip bottom ensures that the bed stays securely in place, even during active moments.

The supportive raised sides of the rectangular bed create a safe and relaxing environment, providing excellent support for your pet's head and neck. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, study room, or outdoor areas, your pet can curl up and rest comfortably.

Product Specification:

Color: Dark Grey,Grey

Material: Polyester


S: 40x30x9cm

M: 50x40x11cm

L: 75x50x14cm


S: 0.35kg

M: 0.6kg

L: 1.1kg

Suitable for Pets:

S: Up to 6kg

M: Up to 10kg

L: Up to 30kg

Package Inclusion:

1 x PETSWOL Four Seasons Pet Sofa Bed

PETSWOL Four Seasons Pet Sofa Breathable Pet Bed Sofa
S(Up To 6 kg) / Darkgrey - $27.99
  • S(Up To 6 kg) / Grey - Sold out
  • S(Up To 6 kg) / Darkgrey - $27.99
  • M(Up To 10kg) / Grey - Sold out
  • M(Up To 10kg) / Darkgrey - $38.99
  • L(Up To 30kg) / Grey - $48.99
  • L(Up To 30kg) / Darkgrey - $48.99

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