STORFEX 2 Layer Magnetic Spice Rack Refrigerator Shelf

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Product Description:

Organize your spices and maximize space in your kitchen with the STORFEX 2 Layer Magnetic Spice Rack. Made of sturdy thick metallic iron with a rust-resistant coating, this spice rack ensures long-lasting durability. The matte surface provides a safe and healthy environment for your spices.

Equipped with three super strong magnets on the back, this spice rack securely attaches to any wrought-iron surface, such as your refrigerator, without the need for holes or screws. This convenient feature allows you to easily access and organize your spices in a space-saving manner.

The spice rack comes with four removable hooks, providing additional hanging storage for lightweight items such as scissors, bottle openers, oven mitts, and whisks. This adds extra functionality and accessibility to your kitchen essentials.

Installation is quick and hassle-free. Simply glue the magnets to the refrigerator or any other metal surface, and you're ready to go. The removable shelves allow for easy relocation, making it convenient to move the spice rack to other desired locations whenever needed.

With its two-tier design, this magnetic spice rack offers ample space for holding various-sized sauces, relishes, and condiments. It can also securely hold plastic wrap or paper towels, keeping them within reach for quick and easy access.

Product Specifications:

Colour: Black

Material: Steel


Weight: 1.9 kg

Package Inclusion:

1 x STORFEX 2 Layer Magnetic Spice Rack Refrigerator Shelf

4 x Hook

STORFEX 2 Layer Magnetic Spice Rack Refrigerator Shelf

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