1200 Ferrule Wire End Terminal Ratchet Crimping Plier Kit

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Product Description:

With a crimping pliers set; you can reliably press the venous end cannula between 0.25-10 mm². The pressing device is automatically adapted to the corresponding insulating sleeve.

It has a convenient design, a small reach, and is completely lightweight. Set the crimping pliers, insert the cable with the sleeve, and then simply press.

The non-slip coating on the ergonomic handle makes the crimping pliers very suitable for the daily electrician. Due to the small grip width, one-handed work is comfortable.

In the practical sorting box, you will find 1200 wire end sleeves of the most common sizes. It can be closed well and is very suitable for storage and transport.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: Cast Iron, High Engineering Plastic

Total Length: 175mm

Weight: 800g

Function: Crimping Tool Set

1200 Ferrules Assortment Set

200pcs White L: 8mm Q: 0.50mm²

200pcs Gray L: 8mm Q: 0.75mm²

200pcs Red L: 8mm Q: 1.00mm²

250pcs Black L:8mm Q: 1.50mm²

250pcs Blue L: 8mm Q: 2.50mm²

50pcs Gray L: 9mm Q: 4.00mm²

25pcs Yellow L: 12mm Q: 6.00mm²

25pcs Red L: 12mm Q: 10.00mm²


Package Inclusion:

1 x Crimping Tool

1200 x Wire End Ferrules Assortment Set

1200 Ferrule Wire End Terminal Ratchet Crimping Plier Kit
One Set - $40.99
  • One Set - $40.99

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