12pcs Heat-Resistant Silicone and Wood Kitchen Baking and Cooking Utensil Set

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Product Description:

This silicone kitchen utensil set is made of food-grade silicone material that is safe to use for any type of food. It is also BPA-free and comes with premium quality heat-resilient silicone heads, designed to protect the surface of your precious non-stick cookware.

This 12 pcs cooking utensils is equipped with a durable woodle handle which complements the silicone material of the head. Its non-stick and stain-resistant attributes make it possible for a hassle-free cleanup, all easy to use, & store.

The professional cooking utensil set is equipped with different silicone kitchen utensils to make your cooking much more interesting and easier. Each tool has its own unique purpose. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on each piece of tableware separately.



Product Specification:

Color: Green

Material: Silicone, Wood

Size: Deep Soup Ladle- 12 inches

Solid Serving Spoon- 12.5 inches

Slotted Spoon / Strainer- 12.5 inches

Slotted Turner- 12.5 inches

Pasta Server- 12.5 inches

Flexible Spatula- 12.5 inches

Basting Brush- 10.5 inches

Whisk- 10.5 inches

Tongs- 10.5 inches

Round Spatula- 12.5 inches

Turner- 12.5 inches

Weight: 750g

Function: Kitchen Cooking Tools

Heat Resistance: 392℉/200℃



Package Inclusion:

1 x Deep Soup Ladle

1 x Solid Serving Spoon

1 x Slotted Spoon / Strainer

1 x Slotted Turner

1 x Pasta Server

1 x Flexible Spatula

1 x Basting Brush

1 x Whisk

1 x Tongs

1 x Round Spatula

1 x Turner

1 x Plastic Utensils Holder

12pcs Heat-Resistant Silicone and Wood Kitchen Baking and Cooking Utensil Set

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