3L Quiet Operations Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Wireless Pump

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Product Description:

Say goodbye to all the redundant and exposed wires that every conventional pet fountain will have. This pet water fountain is equipped with a wireless pump that eliminates all the electrical wires immersed in water to make pet drinking safer than ever. It also works quietly at lower than 20dB, inaudible to humans.

The wireless pump comes with a detachable inner tank has redefined and simplified the cleaning process for you. There is no need to drag the wires out or brush the tight corners and hard-to-reach crevices like others. It takes no effort to detach the water tank, making it so much easier to clean and refill.

The pet fountain simulates the flow of natural streams which awakes your cat's love for the water. The filter provides a triple purification system, with one layer of activated coconut charcoal powder sandwiched between two layers of cotton mesh. It effectively prevents water from being stale, ensures good taste, and filters out pets’ hair and impurities.

It comes with a 3L water capacity that is ideal for both cats and dogs. It can provide 1~2 cats with fresh water for 1 week, so you can rest assured that your pets will not be dehydrated. The transparent window allows you to monitor the water level easily, and the LED indicator notifies you when the pump stops working.

Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 15.2 x 19.5 x 19.5cm 

Weight: 626g

Function: Pet Water Fountain

Water Capacity:  3 liters  

Power Supply: 5V,1A 

Power Consumption: 1W 

Pump: DC Pump 

Cable Length: 1.2M(pump) 

Package Inclusion:

1 x Pet Water Fountain

3L Quiet Operations Automatic Pet Water Fountain with Wireless Pump
white - $39.99
  • white - $39.99

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