7-Zone Cool Gel Memory Mattress Support Bedding - 8cm Thickness

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Product Description:

The memory foam topper can evenly distribute the weight and perfectly fit your body curve. When the external force leaves, the bed topper can spring back to its original shape and maintain its new state for many years.

The unique foam structure promotes airflow circulation, which helps the cooling mattress topper to dissipate your body heat at night, prevents body aches caused by “sinking”, and does not transfer the noise and the movement on the other side of the bed is unnoticeable.

It is ready to be used right out of the package, simply place the topper on your mattress and it will provide you with a better sleeping surface and pure comfort throughout the night. Nothing better than sleeping on a gel foam topper, like sleeping on a cloud.


Product Specification:

Color: Sky Blue

Material: Memory Foam

Single Size: 193cm x 91cm

Double Size: 193cm x 137cm

Queen Size: 203cm x 152cm

King Size: 203cm x 180cm

Thickness: 8cm

Single Weight: 3kg

Double Weight: 5kg

Queen Weight: 6kg

King Weight: 7kg

Function: Mattress Topper


Package Inclusion:

1 x Mattress Topper
7-Zone Cool Gel Memory Mattress Support Bedding - 8cm Thickness
Double - $132.99
  • Double - $132.99
  • King - $183.99
  • Queen - $147.99
  • Single - $96.99

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