72Pcs DIY Crafting Yarn Knitting Needles Sewing Kit

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Product Description:

This crochet hook set conforms to ergonomics, is completely lightweight, and is durable. It also comes with smooth endings, is made with fine workmanship, and is good for people with arthritis.

This crochet hook set provides you with various kinds of knitting accessories in case you need them. A complete set of crochets would be a good helper, especially for a beginner.

The crochet lock board is made of fine wood, making it reliable and sturdy. The knitting blocker has 324 small holes, each of which is 0.5 inches apart, which allows you to easily organize your projects and complete them accurately.

The wooden knitting board is simple to use after taking the product out of the box, with the included accessories and is reusable to avoid throwing your woven boards after each project. 

Product Specification:

72 PCS Crochet Hook Set

Color: Multicolor

Material: Steel

Size: 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm

Crochet Hook Size: about 14 cm long

Weight: 900g

Crochet Blocking Board with 25 Pins 

Material: Rubber

Board Size 23.5*23.5*2cm

Small Bracket Size: 8*6*2cm

Steel Rod Size: 10cm long

Large Eye Steel Needle Length: 7cm

Weight: 300g

Function: Crochet Set


Package Inclusion:

72 PCS Crochet Hook Set

9 x Crochet Hooks

10 x Plastic Split Ring Markers

20 x Locking Stitch Makers

6 x Plastic Sewing Needles/Yarn Needles

4 x Needles Point Protectors

3 x Cable Switch Knitting Needles

12 x Stainless steel Knitting Needles

2 x Row Counter

2 x Aluminum Stitch Holders

1 x Measure Ruler

1 x Tape measure

1 x Case

1 x Scissors

Crochet Blocking Board with 25 Pins 

1 x Wooden Board

1 x Small Bracket

20 x Steel Rod Pins

5 x Big Eye Steel Pin

72Pcs DIY Crafting Yarn Knitting Needles Sewing Kit
Crochet Blocking Board - $31.99
  • Crochet Blocking Board - $31.99
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