Archery Polyhedral 3D High Density Self Healing Foam Cube Training Tools

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Product Description:

Crafted from high-density, self-healing foam, this target allows for easy arrow removal. The foam material is designed to absorb the impact of arrows and then recover, effectively healing itself. This feature ensures that you can practice for extended periods without needing to constantly replace or repair the target.

The target takes the form of a 3-dimensional cube with 18 sides, providing multiple angles and target surfaces for you to practice from. Each side features high-visibility markings, enabling you to aim accurately and assess your performance. This design allows you to improve your skills from various perspectives, mimicking real-life shooting scenarios.

The target utilizes heat-fitting technology, making it suitable for use in different weather conditions. This feature ensures that the foam remains resilient and capable of withstanding outdoor elements, such as heat or moisture, without compromising its performance.

Built to be tough and durable, this target can accommodate both timber and carbon fiberglass arrows. This versatility allows archers to use their preferred arrow type without concern for damaging the target.

For convenience and ease of transport, the target is equipped with a handle. This handle makes it simple to carry the target to different practice locations, allowing you to set up your shooting range wherever is most convenient for you.

Product Specification:

Material: XPE

Color: Red, Green

Small Size: 23 x 23 x 23 cm

Large Size: 38 x 38 x 38 cm

Small Weight: 1.8kg

Large Weight: 4.2kg

Function: Archery Target ( Arrows not included )

Package Inclusion:

1 x Target

Archery Polyhedral 3D High Density Self Healing Foam Cube Training Tools
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