CLEANFOK 2-in-1 Adjustable Floor Cleaning Brush - Versatile and Efficient Floor Scrubbing

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Experience a new level of efficiency in floor scrubbing with the CLEANFOK 2-in-1 Floor Brush Double-Sided Cleaning Brush. This cleaning tool is engineered for heavy-duty cleaning, tackling rough and textured surfaces with ease.

Product Description:

Dual Cleaning Power: This 2-in-1 floor brush is designed with stiff bristles that provide robust scrubbing power. Whether you're cleaning textured floors, grout, or other challenging surfaces, this brush is up to the task.

Soft Rubber Scraper: After scrubbing, use the soft rubber scraper strip to effortlessly remove debris and wastewater. This not only minimizes harsh sounds but also reduces noise, creating a more pleasant cleaning experience.

Versatile "V" Shaped Bristles: The "V" shaped bristles are tailor-made for stubborn stains in grout, hard-to-reach nooks, and crannies. Effortlessly remove tough stains with minimal exertion.

Durability: Constructed from sturdy PP material, the telescopic pole guarantees durability and resistance to bending or breaking. It's built to withstand rigorous use.

Adjustable Handle: To ensure ergonomic comfort and prevent injury, the handle is adjustable at 66, 95, and 123 cm. Customize the handle length according to your needs, safeguarding your back and knees during cleaning.

Convenient Storage: The brush features a hook at the top of the handle, allowing for easy vertical storage or hanging. This design ensures quick bristle drying and extends the brush's lifespan.

Product Specifications:

Color: White

Material: Plastic

Handle Length: 66/95/123cm

Weight: 0.5 kg

Package Contents:

1 x CLEANFOK 2-in-1 Adjustable Floor Cleaning Brush

CLEANFOK 2-in-1 Adjustable Floor Cleaning Brush - Versatile and Efficient Floor Scrubbing
white - $22.99
  • white - $22.99

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