CLEANFOK Triangular Window Wall Cleaner Mop - High Reach Cleaning Made Easy

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Make high-reaching cleaning tasks a breeze with the CLEANFOK Triangular Window Wall Cleaner Mop. This versatile cleaning tool is designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas like high walls, ceilings, baseboards, outdoor and indoor windows, and even air conditioners. Say goodbye to the hassles of ladders and climbing, and enjoy sparkling clean surfaces with ease.

Product Description:

Adjustable Height Handle: Our mop features an extendable handle that can be adjusted to four different lengths - 95 cm, 132 cm, 170 cm, and 205 cm. This ensures you can reach heights comfortably and safely, without any need for precarious climbing.

Triangular Mop Base: The triangular base, measuring 25 x 16 cm, allows you to reach corners and tight spots with precision, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning in any nook and cranny.

Multi-Functional Set: This versatile set can be used in various combinations to create a mop or a scraper for window cleaning. The mop pad is designed with excellent dust-absorbing capabilities, effectively picking up debris and hair, leaving your surfaces spotless.

Sturdy and Durable: Our mop is constructed with sturdy metal poles, providing durability and reducing arm strain during high-reach cleaning tasks. The metal frame ensures reliability and long-lasting use.

Convenient Storage: The mop is equipped with a hanging hole for easy storage when not in use, keeping your cleaning tools organized and accessible.

Product Specifications:

Color: Grey

Material: Metal, Plastic, Cloth

Handle Length: Adjustable from 95 cm to 205 cm

Triangular Base: 25 x 16 cm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Package Contents:

1 x Triangular Mop Head

5 x Metal Rods

6 x Mop Cloth

CLEANFOK Triangular Window Wall Cleaner Mop - High Reach Cleaning Made Easy
grey - $31.99
  • grey - $31.99

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