Cutlery Basket Utensil Dishwasher Organizer Caddy Rack Replacement

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Product Description:

This is a replacement dishwasher basket for small utensils and items. This convenient caddy comes with 7 compartments, 1 handle, and 1 small lid for the center compartment.

It fits most countertops, built-in, and freestanding dishwashers in the market. Before you purchase this product, carefully measure your dishwasher basket space and compare it to the dimensions of the actual product. 

This versatile basket can be used to wash cutlery, silverware, and all small kitchen utensils. It´s not just a dishwasher basket, use it as an organizer caddy for kitchen scissors, knives, spoons, forks, baby bottles, and more.

It has a grid design that allows ventilation and drainage, preventing bacteria, contaminants, and food remnants. Different-sized holes allow water and heat to contact the cutlery more effectively, ensuring efficient washing and drying.

Product Specification:

Color: Grey

Material: PP

Size: 24 x 14 x 12 mm

Height: 240 mm (with handle)

Weight: 300g

Function: Kitchen Tools

Package Inclusion:

1 x Cutlery Drying Rack

Cutlery Basket Utensil Dishwasher Organizer Caddy Rack Replacement
grey - $27.99
  • grey - $27.99

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