GREENHAVEN Expandable Garden Hose with 10 Spray Patterns Nozzle

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Experience the ultimate convenience in watering and cleaning with our High Pressure Expandable Garden Hose Flexible Magic Hose. This hose, in an attractive black and orange color scheme, is engineered for flexibility and versatility in all your outdoor tasks.

Product Description:

Expandable Design: When using, this hose expands to 2-3 times its original size, providing extended reach for your watering and cleaning tasks. When you're done, it effortlessly shrinks back to its compact size, eliminating the hassle of tangled or bulky hoses.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality plastic and polyester materials, this hose boasts exceptional explosion resistance and a soft, pliable surface. It's built to last, resisting breakage even in cold winter conditions when regular hoses tend to stiffen.

Enhanced Water Flow: Enjoy a powerful water flow, thanks to the pressurized tap water that passes through this hose. It delivers water faster and more robustly than standard hoses, making your watering tasks more efficient.

Convenient Storage: Our hose comes with a handy hook for easy post-use hanging, ensuring your garden stays neat and organized. The included storage bag allows for tidy hose storage and transport wherever you need it.

Product Specifications:

Color: Black and Orange

Material: Plastic, Polyester, Copper

Available Lengths: 7.5 meters / 15 meters

Weight: 0.6 kg / 1 kg

Package Contents:

1 x GREENHAVEN Expandable Garden Hose

1 x Spray Gun with 10 Spray Patterns

1 x 1/2 and 3/4 Connector

1 x Hose Hanger

1 x Storage Bag

4 x Leak-Proof Rubber Gaskets

1 x Waterproof Tape

GREENHAVEN Expandable Garden Hose with 10 Spray Patterns Nozzle

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