HYPERANGER UPF50 Outdoor Silver Coated Canopy Tent

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Product Description:

Experience outdoor comfort and protection with the HYPERANGER Outdoor Silver Coated Canopy Tent. Crafted with quality materials and designed for convenience, this canopy tent is perfect for various outdoor activities.

The tent footprint is made of ripstop polyester fabric, renowned for its durability and resistance to tearing. It effectively protects the camping tent from dirt, mud, and sharp objects, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable shelter for your outdoor adventures.

With the complete set of accessories included in the package, setting up the tent is a breeze. Follow the easy assembly instructions, and you'll have a stable and secure canopy in no time. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your shelter is built correctly and can withstand various weather conditions.

Versatility is a key feature of this canopy tent. Take it to the beach for a day of relaxation or use it as a parasol during hiking trips or outdoor gatherings. The generous size of 290*300cm provides ample space for you and your loved ones to rest and enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

When it's time to pack up, the tent's storage bag design comes in handy. Store items conveniently in the bag or use it to keep the tent organized. With the included strap, you can easily pack the tent into a compact size, making it convenient to carry and travel with.

Safety and stability are prioritized with the HYPERANGER Outdoor Canopy Tent. The package includes two canopy poles, six ground spikes, and six wind ropes to ensure that the tent remains secure even in windy conditions. Relax and enjoy your outdoor activities with confidence.

Upgrade your outdoor experience with the HYPERANGER Outdoor Silver Coated Canopy Tent. Order now and enjoy the convenience, durability, and versatility it offers.

Product Specifications:

color: White

Material: Polyester, Steel

Size: 290*300cm

Weight: 1.7 kg

Package Content:

1 x HYPERANGER Canopy Tent

2 x Canopy Poles

1 x Storage Bag

6 x Ground Spikes

6 x Wind Ropes

HYPERANGER UPF50 Outdoor Silver Coated Canopy Tent

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