LED Motion Sensor Under Closet Cabinet Light Rechargeable Magnetic Dimmable Lamp

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Product Description:

This cabinet light is designed with LED beads and diffused light, producing softer, brighter, and more uniform light. Choose from three selectable lighting modes: white light, natural light, and warm light.

It features high-sensitivity motion sensors that can detect all objects within 10 feet and 120° from the center of the sensor. Any slight movement turns the lights on instantly, making them convenient and energy-saving.

It has a large battery capacity and can stay lit for up to 8-10 hours at the highest brightness setting and 12-15 hours on its weakest mode. It can also be used in induction mode for over 30 days making it suitable for long-term use.

It can be attached to any steel metal surface. You can also use the included metal plate to mount them anywhere you want without damaging cabinets or walls, or you can bring it with you on your way to the bathroom without opening the main lights.


Product Specification:

Color: Black, Silver

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 20cm/30cm/40cm/60cm

20cm Weight: 80g

30cm Weight: 100g

40cm Weight: 140g

60cm Weight: 200g

Function: Cabinet Lighting

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Usage Time: 30 days for induction mode; 12-15 hours for weakest mode; 8-10 hours for strongest mode

Color temperature: 3000K/6000K

USB cable length: 20CM

Sensing distance: 0-3 meters

Induction time: ≤25±5S

Working voltage: 2.6-5V  


Package Inclusion:

1 x Cabinet Light

1 x USB Charging Cable 

LED Motion Sensor Under Closet Cabinet Light Rechargeable Magnetic Dimmable Lamp
30cm Silver - $26.99
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  • 30cm Silver - $26.99
  • 40cm Silver - $28.99
  • 60cm Silver - Sold out
  • 20cm Black - Sold out
  • 30cm Black - $26.99
  • 40cm Black - $28.99
  • 60cm Black - $34.99

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