LED Slim Ceiling Batten Linear Fluro Fluorescent Tube Light

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Product Description:

The easy-to-install ceiling lamp uses high-quality LED lights to achieve high brightness and low decay, providing you with all-round lighting and reducing electricity bills by up to 80%.

These LED wraparound ceiling fixtures can be surface mounted to walls and ceilings and connect the wires as directed on the included mounting hardware. Please note that no plug is included.

The integrated LED shop light is specially designed for indoor lighting. It is available in different light colors and sizes, making it easy for you to choose according to the area of the room that you will be installing it in.

The set is complete with all the accessories needed for installation as well as an easy-to-understand instruction. Setting the lamp up will take a few minutes, and you can use the light immediately in no time.


Product Specification:

Color: Cool White, Natural White, Warm White

Material: Aluminum, PC

Length: 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm

30cm Weight: 200g

60cm Weight: 400g

90cm Weight: 600g

120cm Weight: 800g

150cm Weight: 900g

Function: Organizer

Input Voltage: 220-240V

Light source: LED

IP Rating: IP65   


Package Inclusion:

1 x LED Light

2 x U-Clamp

4 x Screws

4 x Plastic Anchors

LED Slim Ceiling Batten Linear Fluro Fluorescent Tube Light
30cm - White - $24.99
  • 30cm - White - $24.99
  • 60cm - White - Sold out
  • 90cm - White - $33.99
  • 120cm - White - $87.99
  • 150cm - White - $94.99
  • 30cm - Warm White - Sold out
  • 60cm - Warm White - $32.99
  • 90cm - Warm White - $33.99
  • 120cm - Warm White - $85.99
  • 150cm - Warm White - $92.99
  • 30cm - Nautral White - $23.99
  • 60cm - Nautral White - $32.99
  • 90cm - Nautral White - $34.99
  • 120cm - Nautral White - $85.99
  • 150cm - Nautral White - $92.99

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