New Steel Hot Stapler Repair Tools Kit For Plastic Welder Car Bumper

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Product Description:

These welding staples are made of made of high-quality stainless steel. It has good hardness and toughness and is easy to process. It is usually used with a hot stapler to repair and weld plastic parts or repair car bumpers.

The welding staples have low melting points, good fluidity, hardness, and toughness, and can quickly and easily weld cracked and damaged plastic parts. Its welding effect is full and smooth, and the strength of the welding seam after welding is generally higher than the parent metal strength.

The welding seam nail is pre-cut. After the welding seam nail is mixed with plastic, it can be easily broken by hand. You don’t need any flux powder and can be used easily. You only need a small heating device, suitable for the primary welding operator's complete welding.

The welding staples can repair fractures, cracks, and tears in rigid or flexible thermoplastic parts. It is suitable for the repair and reinforcement of automobile bumpers, dashboards, lamp holders, plastic rings, and daily plastic products. 


Product Specification:

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Flat Staple Size: 0.8 mm/0.6 mm

Wave Staple Size: 0.8 mm/0.6 mm

V Type Staple Size: 0.8 mm

M Type Staple Size: 0.6 mm

Weight: 695g

Function: Car Tool Kit


Package Inclusion:

1 x Car Stapler Tool Kit

New Steel Hot Stapler Repair Tools Kit For Plastic Welder Car Bumper

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