PETSWOL Cat Dog Feeder and Waterer - Self-Dispensing Automatic Pet Feeders

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Product Description:

Ample Capacity: The pet food dispenser can hold up to 2.1 kg of dry pet food. Small cats and dogs can enjoy up to 10-12 days of meals, while medium-sized pets can have enough for 3-5 days. The waterer boasts a 3.8L water capacity, ensuring your pet stays hydrated day and night.

Sun Protection: Designed to protect your pet's food and water from direct sunlight, these feeders are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Health-Focused Materials: Made with eco-friendly PP resin-lined bottles and food-grade materials, these feeders are BPA-free. The separate feeder prevents mess and dirt, promoting your pet's health.

Freshness Locked: The automatic cat feeders maintain pet food moisture-proof and fresh, preventing oxidation. The airtight and opaque design ensures food remains in top condition. The wide exit smoothly dispenses food, accommodating most cat and dog food varieties.

Easy Maintenance: The feeder and waterer can be easily separated, cleaned, and reassembled. We recommend cleaning them once a week to ensure your pet enjoys clean and hygienic meals.

This automatic feeder is not powered by batteries or power supplies. It automatically dispenses food and water through gravity induction and siphon principles. No power needed.

Product Specifications:

Color: White

Material: Plastic

Capacity: Water - 3.8L / Pet Food - 2.1 kg

Size: 28.5 x 15 x 27.5cm

Weight: 1.24 kg

Package Contents:

1 x PETSWOL Cat Dog Feeder

1 x PETSWOL Water Dispenser

PETSWOL Cat Dog Feeder and Waterer - Self-Dispensing Automatic Pet Feeders
white - $39.99
  • white - $39.99

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