Printed Kraft Paper Padded Envelope Mailer Bags - 2 Sizes Available

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Product Description:

A thick layer of air bubbles has a cushioning effect to prevent product damage from impact. Each mailer is fully opaque for privacy and built to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling.

Simply peel and fold over to seal each package safely and securely. Kraft padded bubble mailers are equipped with a strong self-sealing adhesive strip that cannot be easily torn apart and tamper-resistant. Moreover, the smooth surface of the shipping envelopes can be written, labelled and stamped.

Compared to boxes, these bubble mailers inside are lightweight, reducing shipping costs and protecting items. Packaging bags can lower your rate of damage claims and increase profits.

These mailing envelopes are perfect for online retailers and boutiques. Poly bubble mailers have gained popularity for shipping in the ecommerce industry.


Product Specification:

Color: White

Qty: 50pcs, 100pcs

Material: Kraft

Size: 100x180mm, 160x230mm

50 pcs 100x180mm Weight: 400g

100 pcs 100x180mm Weight: 800g

50 pcs 160x230mm Weight: 700g

100 pcs 160x230mm Weight: 1.4kg

Function: Bubble Mailer


Package Inclusion:

50/100 x Bubble Mailer

Printed Kraft Paper Padded Envelope Mailer Bags - 2 Sizes Available
100pcs - 160mmx230mm - $81.99
  • 50pcs - 160mmx230mm - Sold out
  • 100pcs - 160mmx230mm - $81.99
  • 50pcs - 100mmx180mm - Sold out
  • 100pcs - 100mmx180mm - Sold out

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