STORFEX 4-Layer Shoe Storage and Organizer Rack

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Product Description:

Keep your shoes organized and transition smoothly from outside to indoor footwear with the STORFEX 4-Layer Shoe Storage and Organizer Shelf Stand. This compact shoe stand is designed to fit perfectly in your entryway without occupying much space.

Crafted with durable 9.88mm steel pipes, this shoe stand offers moderate separation and a strong bearing capacity. The widened layers provide stable placement without deformation. The unique handrail design allows for easy movement and cleaning.

The bottom of the stand is raised by 6 cm, preventing dust and water from accumulating. The increased layer spacing of 16.5 cm accommodates various shoe types, including high-heeled shoes, sports shoes, and home shoes.

Assembly of the shoe rack is required, but it's hassle-free with the included installation manual. No special tools or equipment are needed, ensuring convenient and fast assembly and disassembly.

The versatile design allows you to place the shoe rack wherever needed, such as in your wardrobe, apartment, bedroom, porch, and more. Additionally, it can be used to display potted plants or store other items.

Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: PP, Steel Pipe

Size: 61 x 23 x 58 cm

Weight: 0.95 kg

Package Inclusion:

1 x STORFEX Shoe Rack

STORFEX 4-Layer Shoe Storage and Organizer Rack

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