Transparent Vacuum Sealer Keeper Bags Food Saver Storage Rolls

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Product Description:

These vacuum sealer bags are processed with environmentally friendly degradable materials through seven-layer technology, with no solvent or metal residue. They are great for storing a variety of foods and can also be cooked, frozen, dishwasher-safe, microwaved, and boiled.

It can help extend the shelf life of your food by 6-8 times and preserve the healthy, nutrient-rich vitamins and flavors of food, perfectly safe to use for different items as well as can be placed in the freezer or when cooking.

These bags are safe for freezing, microwaving, marinades, and sous-vide - suitable for all immersion circulators. These heat-sealed bags are resistant to -20 degrees to 110 degrees, with embossed channels on one side to increase vacuum suction without leaking air.

Food vacuum bags are good food storage bags, zipper lock food organization bags can be used for meat seafood, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts snacks, sandwiches, etc.



Product Specification:

Color: Transparent

Material: Multi-layer

Size: 15cm x 6m, 20cm x 6m, 25cm x 6m, 28cm x 6m, 30cm x 6m, 20cm x 15m, 25cm x 15m, 28cm x 15m, 30cm x 15m

Weight: 200g-1kg

Function: Vacuum Bag Rolls



Package Inclusion:

1/2 x Roll Vacuum Bag

Transparent Vacuum Sealer Keeper Bags Food Saver Storage Rolls
15*600cmx1 - $19.00
  • 15*600cmx1 - $19.00
  • 20*1500cmx1 - $25.00
  • 20*1500cmx2 - $32.00
  • 20*600cmx2 - Sold out
  • 25*1500cmx1 - $29.00
  • 25*1500cmx2 - $39.00
  • 25*600cmx2 - $28.00
  • 28*1500cmx1 - $30.00
  • 28*1500cmx2 - $42.00
  • 28*600cmx2 - Sold out
  • 30*1500cmx1 - Sold out
  • 30*1500cmx2 - Sold out
  • 30*600cmx2 - $29.00

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