USB Powered Large Capacity Noise Free Pet Water Fountain

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Product Description:

The water fountain I equipped with a 3L large water tank to meet long-term circulation water supply needs. This way there is always water available for pets and it helps to reduce the frequency of replenishment.

It also comes with a soft-looking indicator light that provides visual status even if it is in the dark, to clearly know when to refill. Blue light indicates there is water inside. The red light indicates that the water is at a low level.

Naturally, pets are easily scared away by an unidentified noise. We have noticed an improved this defect so as not to scare pets that come close to drinking. With this improvement, even when it is working and at night, it will not disturb sleep. (The adapter is not included)

It supports two -outlet flow modes, one withholding flow and the other like spring flow, imitating natural running water, stimulating pets to come closer and enjoy the tranquility of drinking.

The four-layer filter refreshes the fluid by its circulation system which follows the required standard and keeps pets away from gastrointestinal diseases: improves the taste of water, demineralizes water to reduce risk, blocks large particles and large diameter pollutants, etc.


Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 19.5x19.5x15.2cm

Weight: 600g

Function: Pet Water Fountain


Package Inclusion:

1 x Pet fountain

1 x Faucet

1 x Silent pump

1x Filter

1x USB Cable

1x User Manual


USB Powered Large Capacity Noise Free Pet Water Fountain
white - $46.99
  • white - $46.99

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